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Our partner is Hexen represents a fantastic synthetic drug. It is involved into the group of cathinones. This facts proves its ability to cause euphoria. Among other effects it’s possible to mention appetite suppression. While taking this designer drug people could feel the acceleration of their thoughts. They experience stimulation.

You can see other names of this designer drug like NEH and N-Ethylhexedrone.

Production of Hexen started in 2011.

Starting from 2015 this designer drug won popularity among a large number of users.

This research chemical is capable to act as dopamine reuptake inhibitor.

You can consume Hexen is two ways:

  • It could be snored
  • It could be vaped

We provide Hexen in the form of white powder as well as in the form of crystallized shards.

If it is necessary to achieve euphoria, Hexen is perfect for this task. That’s why it is widely used among researches and laboratory workers in their experiments and tests.

The action of Hexen is extremely quick and it is considered as a quite strong synthetic stimulant.

Also it could provide long duration.

Sometimes Hexen is used instead of crack-cocaine because it is able to provide similar effects.

This research chemical is used for activation of compulsive redosing. It causes anxiety. Hexen acts as a powerful stimulant for psychosis as well as paranoid.

Such effects could be achieved because of the fact that Hexen is a powerful dopamine releaser. 

All effects are based only on the statements of consumers who have already taken Hexen. There are no enough proper researches. Users admitted that they felt the increase of the heart rate and spontaneous physical sensations. Their mouth was often dry and sweating increased. Overall they felt energetic and stimulated.

When consumers started taking heavier doses their feelings of euphoria began to reduce. It happened when users took about 100-150 mg of designer drug.

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