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CAS number: 802286-83-5 

Among a wide range of designer drugs lots of users prefer Dibutylone, which chemical formula is C13H17NO3. It stand outs among various stimulants thanks to his qualities and after-effects. One more its advantage that this designer drug is legal in many parts of the world. More and more laboratory workers start using dibutylone in their tests. 

This synthetic drug is commonly known bk-DMBDB as well as Booty and Beauty. With molar mass in  235.28 g/mol dibutylone has effects similar to amphetamine as well as phenethylamine. It is connected with the fact that all of them are united into one group of synthetic drugs. 

According to many reviews customers admitted its citric-acid smell. Dibutylone looks like fluffy powder. 

Dibutylone is considered one of the most widely used designer drugs. 

Our company collaborates only with reliable and highly-skilled manufacturers. They implement all modern technologies in order to synthesize this research chemical. It allows to receive designer drugs of the best quality and the highest purity. 

Structurally this synthesized drug is similar to Butylone. It also affects similar feelings after taking both of these research chemicals. That’s why many researchers use Dibutylone in their experiments as it is not scheduled in many countries when Butylone is. 

Users stated strong feelings of euphoria. Many customers admitted the same effects like after taking MDMA. It is highly recommended to take the right dosage, which in turn relieve you from any negative effects. Among common effects consumers’ heart rate increased as well as their blood pressure. Some users can have hallucinations. Also after taking even light dosages you can have sweating. Some customers stated that they feel energetic and don’t want to sleep. 

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About Dibutylone

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