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U-47700 formula is 3,4-dichloro-N-[2-dimethylamino)cyclohenyl]-N-methylbenzamide. U-47700 stands out from other opioids. It became really popular recently. U-47700 acts similar to morphine and that’s the initial reason why so many customers pay their attention on this designer drug choosing from a wide range of opioids. U-47700 acts more potently in comparison with morphine. 

U-47700 is a widely-used research chemical of benzamide class. Researchers and laboratory workers use U-47700 also because this research chemical can be less habit-forming. The appearance of a brand-new research chemical on the market was influenced by a necessity to produce an opioid which will help all those who feel strong pain because of cancer, different operations and various injuries. 

Popular street names of U-47700 for sale are Pink, Pinky. You can buy it in the form of tablets or powder in our online store.

We have little information about U-47700 because this designer drug wasn’t properly studied. It leads to the fact that effects from taking U-47700 could be quite different on various humans. As there weren’t proper researches on laboratory conditions its impossible to foresee all possible results from using U-47700 by humans. All U-47700 effects presented below are based on available trip reports and reviews from customers who have already had experience with this research chemical. 

It’s possible to achieve the same effects from using this research chemical like using oxycodone. Euphoria is one of the most common effects after taking U-47700. Feeling of relaxation is also one of the most common effects of this research chemical.

Consumers stated about the suppression of anxiety. Some of users experienced sedation and they felt in peace. In some cases users admitted itching of their skin. While their body was relaxed as well as their mind, the breathing became slower. They didn’t feel pain.

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About U-47700

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