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Our partner is TH-PVP is a brand-new designer drug which was synthesized in recent past. Like other research chemicals it can guarantee the most precise results while conducting researches and experiments in laboratory conditions.

Other name of TH-PVP is 2-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)-1-(5,6,7,8-tetrahydronaphthalen-2-yl)pentan-1-one.

Being a dependable TH-PVP vendor with clients located all around the world we offer only high-quality designer drugs. So, you can be sure that purchasing TH-PVP here you’ll get synthetic drugs with the highest purity (over 99,7%).

We can offer you to buy TH-PVP in the form of crystals. Also it could be bought in the form of yellow powder

TH-PVP is an euphoric synthetic stimulant drug. It is included into the cathinones and pyrovalerone classes.  ACD/Labs was responsible for synthesizing of TH-PVP. Lately it was revealed that TH-PVP contains 38 atoms. TH-PVP is similar by its activity and after-effects to alpha-PVP. TH-PVP is considered a short-lasting stimulant. 

There aren’t enough researches connected with human use of this designer drug, so all effects described below are based on reviews and feedbacks admitted by consumers who have already tried TH-PVP. It’s worth mentioning that TH-PVP effects are usually compared to cocaine or amphetamine.

TH-PVP is included into the monoamine cathinone class. It provides the increase of physiological functions of humans. After TH-PVP using humans can experience euphoria and the increasing of energy. Sexuality and libido increases. Heart rate is also raised. They felt a necessity to speak a lot. While taking TH-PVP it’s possible to feel growth of tactile sensations. Some consumers stated about having a depression. They didn’t have an appetite. Users can be irritated or aggressive. When taking higher dosages it’s possible to experience visual hallucinations and anxiety. In some reports it was noticed about the time lost.

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