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All of our clients confirm their agreement with 4-MPD seller company policy when they use our website and place orders.


They have to read these Terms&Conditions before your order is placed. All of the orders submitted on 4-MPD seller website are the subject of the following Terms&Conditions.


  • 4-MPD is a designer drug which requires more studying of its properties. That is why you can not expect guarantee for possible results which you can achieve during the experiment.
  • 4-MPD seller takes your attention on the necessity to be familiar with legal issues concerning 4-MPD in your country and any prohibitions which exist there before you buy 4-MPD. When some restrictions are neglected by consumers, all of the responsibility is on them.
  • 4-MPD must not be used as food additive, cosmetics, cleaning product or in any other inappropriate way.
  • 4-MPD seller supplies research chemicals ONLY for scientists and researchers. Our company doesn’t provide 4-MPD for personal use. 4-MPD mustn’t be consumed by humans and animals. Consumers agree to follow necessary precautions and rules of 4-MPD usage and legal regulation in the country of their residence.
  • To handle with 4-MPD our consumers confirm their proper level of professionalism and skills.
  • Clients confirm their agreement to leave 4-MPD seller not liable for damages and various loses no matter what the claim is.



4-MPD seller has the right to add new or remove old information and make changes in available parts on the website.