• Guarantees&Confidentiality


    4-MPD seller is an official research chemical supplier who you can rely on when it comes to ordering really pure products. Our company is highly popular and respected among a great number of clients who we always think about. All information, which was received by 4-MPD seller, will not be disclosed to any persons, organizations, companies, etc. We guarantee delivering only official research chemicals. And if the package is lost, 4-MPD seller takes the responsibility to resend your order for company’s expenses.






    All clients should familiarize themselves with following information before starting buying 4-MPD in our online store.


    4-MPD seller has no intention to sell illegal substances and doesn’t act in this way. To make our website more pleasant via search engines, we included information about some scheduled and controlled substances which can not be bought as they are not available.  


    Clients of 4-MPD seller confirm their understanding and following necessary rules of cooperation with our company:


    • We don’t condone import of substances which are controlled and illegal in any country and 4-MPD is intended to comply with 4-MPD legality in the country where it has to be delivered.
    • 4-MPD seller is harmless from any kind of responsibility (financial, etc.) because of 4-MPD inappropriate or illegal usage.
    • 4-MPD does not promote buying, selling, use of illegal research chemicals.
    • 4-MPD seller is not liable for clients’ actions including situations when consumers violate the legal status of 4-MPD in the country of their residence.
    • 4-MPD has to be handled by skilful researchers and laboratory workers.
    • Our consumers buying 4-MPD confirm their belonging to a research company or other organization which has necessary skills and rights to use 4-MPD.
    • 4-MPD seller has no returns and refunds of substances which were bought in this online store.
    • Delivery time depends on chosen shipping method. It could take 2-7 days. 4-MPD will be shipped after fully payment is received. We guarantee to ship your order within 5 business days.
    • When you buy 4-MPD in our online store, you totally understand possible risks and health hazards which could occur when conducting experiments with 4-MPD.
    • 4-MPD seller provides research chemicals for consumers who are over 18 years old.
    • 4-MPD has to be used ONLY in research and forensic purposes.